Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is key to reaching people where they are most comfortable on the internet. It is also integral to our conversion strategy. Your business's Social Media reputation is critical in establishing credibility!

Social Media can be a confusing proposition for a lot of business owners and managers. Many feel that they don’t need it, some are pretty passionate that they do not want it at all because they think it is silly. I am not in the business of losing customers, but I have lost some deals over this issue. And that is ok.

I will not put myself in a position that handicaps me getting the best results for a client. Social Media is important in getting the best results for your business.

You may not “need” social media. It will make a positive or negative impact on your business regardless. At Stoneglass Marketing we control your social media in order to ensure that it is helping to grow your business. If you do not control this, it can hurt your company. And many social platforms will actually create a “scraped” profile for your business without your permission, and they do not need it. They are trying to improve their own product by offering a comprehensive and complete directory of all businesses in the area.

The main reason that Stoneglass Marketing is passionate about your social media presence as a part of your digital marketing is that different people use the internet in different ways. We want to bring people to your business in the way that is most convenient and useful to the customer. Also, having an active and complete social presence creates credibility. It helps people see that you have done a good job and are trusted by other people. So they should trust you also!

Like it or not social media is here to stay. But, we can use it to benefit your business.