Seen A Lot of Facebook Requests for Digital Help

We have seen a lot of requests for digital help lately on Facebook. Both on our business page and in my personal timeline.

Need help with digital marketing

Some of these requests are specifically sent to me, which makes sense since we are a leading digital marketing company. Others are open requests to the Facebook community.

This struck me in a couple ways:

  1. There are more and more people looking to make money online.
  2. A lot of people think that there is little difference between a pro and their buddy Bill who built a website one time. Haha

This is obviously not about the people who are contacting us directly. They seem to have a better understanding that if you want to make a profession online or want your profession/business to be found online you need to take it to someone who does this well…like a career digital marketer or web designer.

The other people (I am going to lump them all in to the same group, even though I know they are not all the same), seem to be looking for the cheapest way to get a website or fix a website that they tried to build themselves or get “ranked.”

And that… is the wrong way to make money online, whether it is an online business you are starting or you are trying to improve your “brick and mortar’s” presence digitally.

Sure, it seems like anyone can post and create profiles on their favorite social media. It is easy to control and manage social media because those are professional online businesses who spent millions of dollars to make it user friendly and functional. They didn’t put out an ad (like the Facebook request) that said “Who here builds websites?” They either were proficient or partnered with the most talented people they could find. Now they are a success!

If you think hiring your buddy Bill will make your online fortune a REALITY, then you will be sadly disappointed.

Want to make money online with a blog, e-commerce or by generating calls/leads for you “real world” business, then take it seriously and partner with someone who also takes it seriously.

Our company Stoneglass Marketing is happy to talk with you about all your ideas and needs. We will let you know what it really is going to take and how long it will take. We don’t win business and long term relationships by over promising. When you over promise, the client is always let down. When you trust a client/prospect enough to be honest with them, then you can feel good about whatever decision the client makes. At least you gave them the best information to make their own decision.

Stoneglass Marketing can and will help anyone who wants it. It may not be cheap and it may be more affordable than you thought. Every challenge is different. Email or give us a call.

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“Who here does web stuff?”….We do and we love it!


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