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Search Engine Optimization - The Right Way

There are a lot of people out there talking about SEO. But it seems that no one is quite in agreement as to what it is actually is, how you do it, or even whether it works or not.

In general, we at Stoneglass Marketing define SEO in an expanded sense in that we incorporate all digital marketing under this category. This obviously includes traditional search engines, but even social media sites and review sites have a search element to them. These elements are also inter-related in that they give signals to each other to determine the authority of a given business’s web presence.

Now that you know what we mean by SEO, let me tell you “How we do it”. If you have been doing any general research, you are probably confused by backlinks, citations, co-citations, CTR, bounce rate, press releases, keywords, co-occurrence and countless other terms. The reason for much of the disagreement across the digital marketing industry is that alone no single factor tends to make or break a campaign. That being said, by doing them all in an organic and natural way Stoneglass Marketing clients enjoy solid and stable rankings across all major search engines, social media platforms and review sites! We do not cut corners, cheat or take shortcuts. That is how you get into trouble in digital marketing.

This is a good place to talk about White Hat and Black Hat SEO. Stoneglass Marketing is strictly White Hat. We believe that we are a long-term partner with our clients. Therefore we approach their digital marketing in a natural and sustainable way that doesn’t try to game the system. Black Hat SEO can be successful in the short term and even get you good search rankings in a matter of days, BUT this will not last long and will in many cases lead to your site/business being penalized by the search engines. It can take years to recover from a penalty.

Does SEO work? Yes. If you read somewhere that it doesn’t, what they usually mean is that it is different than it was just five years ago. Today, SEO is much more comprehensive and is probably best described as digital marketing vs search engine optimization. But, having a solid digital presence does put you in a better position to be found on a search engine by a potential client.

Is SEO important? Yes. As long as we have search engines or even search algorithms being used by people searching, then SEO will be important for your business if you want to be found. It will continue to change and evolve with the different platforms and search engines trying to improve their product. Stoneglass will adapt and continue to keep their clients where they need to be on the internet.


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