Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Your Success is Our Success

Stoneglass Marketing is your digital marketing partner in growing your business. Your success is our success. We pride ourselves in being passionate about our clients business, which makes our job a ton of fun! Here are some of the services we offer:

Web Design Marketing

Website Design

The importance of a positive business image is nothing new. The only update is the expansion of the places that you now have a presence digitally. Your website is obviously the most direct reflection of your company since it is under your control and has the widest possible variety of quality. We have all seen outdated or glitchy business sites. It doesn’t make you want to hire that person. You have also come across user-friendly, helpful information-rich web pages that instill confidence in the viewer. This can mean the difference in closing a deal or having the customer go to one of your competitors, which affects your bottom line, your bank account, and your employees.

SEO Marketing


In general, we at Stoneglass Marketing define SEO in an expanded sense in that we incorporate all digital marketing under this category. This obviously includes traditional search engines, but even social media sites and review sites have a search element to them. These elements are also inter-related in that they give signals to each other to determine the authority of a given business’s web presence.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation can be key to your business’ success. Stoneglass Marketing is equipped to monitor your reputation and help ensure your best foot is put forward. We are able to help you deal with negative reviews as well as clean up and remove false negative reviews.

So Much More

Website design, SEO, and reputation management is just the beginning of what we do. If it’s on a computer, we can do it! Here’s a few more services we offer:

  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Email Campaigns
  • Application Development
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