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Stoneglass Marketing is a fully integrated print, digital and media marketing company. We live and die by relationships. There are no contracts. If we are doing good work for your company and your business is growing, then you will be a customer for life. We will know your company like it is our own because, in a way, it is.

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You have some sort of physical interaction with your customers whether it’s quoting your services, displaying your products or having items delivered to them directly. Your printed materials or lack of will either improve or hurt your ability to win and retain business. Make sure that all your company interactions with prospects and customers represent the high quality your business delivers. Print Marketing cements your reputation. We call printing your “In Hand Brand” because this is the physical representation you leave with a prospect of the service you provide. Make sure that your business’s printing is of the highest quality and you will earn and keep more customers! If it can be printed, we can print it for you just ask!

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Your customers are online. They are shopping online, searching online and checking your references online. They are doing this in new ways everyday and it seems like as soon as you get one part of your online presence figured out there is some new way to market online that will have a huge impact on your business. Our job is to keep your online presence working for you to grow your business through search, social, email, reviews and any other way that customers may find you or decide to hire you. Digital Marketing changes all the time, but with the right team behind you, those changes allow you to constantly stay ahead of your competition.

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Sometimes your customers need a little help deciding to hire or purchase your products or services. Direct Mail Marketing is one of the best ways to give them a nudge in your direction. While mail marketing is passive advertising, similar to radio, tv, Facebook ads, it is unique in that the recipient must touch, read and think about your marketing even if they decide to throw it away. They can’t change the channel or scroll past (though they do have to read Facebook ads to determine whether to ignore it or not). Your customers are forced to interact with you! And because Stoneglass Marketing is one of, if not the only truly integrated print and digital marketing companies we get extra return on your mail marketing by using it to feed your digital marketing funnels such as social media and email campaigns. This gives you a 2-for-1 on your Direct Mail Marketing efforts! Direct mail marketing is a great way to grow your business and keep your old customers up to date. We can do your job start to finish or pick it up at any point in the process with printing, post cards, addressing, envelope stuffing, stamping and bulk mail. We can also help you build a customer mailing list that fit the exact demographics you are trying to reach. And because we are one of, if not the only fully integrated marketing company in the country we double the impact of your mail campaign by pairing it with your digital marketing.

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