Website Builder

Your business’s website has become the second face, or maybe even the main representation of your company. At Stoneglass Marketing we approach your company’s site with three main focuses in mind:

1. Positive Professional Image

2. Criteria Preferred by Search Engines

3. Converting Visits Into Customers

The importance of a positive business image is nothing new. The only update is the expansion of the places that you now have a presence digitally. Your website is obviously the most direct reflection of your company since it is under your control and has the widest possible variation of quality. We have all seen outdated or glitchy business sites. It doesn’t make you want to hire that person. You have also come across user friendly, helpful information rich web pages that instill confidence in the viewer. This can mean the difference in closing a deal or having the customer go to one of your competitors, which affects your bottom line, your bank account, and your employees. This is also a good place to mention that you have a digital presence no matter what! You may choose not to have a website of your own, but your business is automatically placed on social platforms, review sites and directories. A professional image in all these places is just as important as your website. And a negative appearance can be just as detrimental. Stoneglass Marketing ensures that our clients have a Positive Professional Image across all digital avenues.


Next, your website needs to be structurally laid out in a way that is preferred by the search engines. This boils down to things like good, information rich content. A clear sitemap that easy to navigate and find what a user is looking for. Speed! Load speed has become a huge factor as more users are accessing the web on mobile devices. Schema markup is another great way to show the search engine exactly what your site is about and what kind of content you offer.
Conversion is king! You are considering Stoneglass Marketing because you want more people to choose your services. We make sure that your site is fast, user friendly, and gives the user reminders and the opportunity to close the deal! Some people will call you within 30 seconds on your website. Others may go through several pages and spend 10 minutes researching you on several different platforms such as Facebook or Yelp. We make sure that they can always easily make the decision and call you from any page or platform. You don’t want them getting lost down a random rabbit hole. We close the loop on your digital presence, making it easy for people to explore and always have your contact information at their finger tips.